Welcome to the IAQA Find a Pro!

The IAQA Find a Pro is a search tool designed to help consumers who need a professional to assess their home and/or business, and to help other professionals find referrals for clients. Whether you have an IAQ emergency requiring immediate assistance, or want to assess and/or improve the air quality in your home, business, school, etc., the IAQA Find a Pro will connect you with the right professional to address your indoor air quality needs.

To search for a professional, enter the location of the place where you need the assistance (ZIP code, city, state, etc.), select the distance radius you are willing to search from, and then select the type of professional you are looking for!

The Find a Pro Directory includes IAQA members only.

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If you are looking to see if a specific person or company is a member of IAQA, you can enter their name or company in the bottom search bars below.
Note: Search results do not constitute or imply the Association's endorsement of any IAQA members or the services and/or products provided or sold. IAQA does not warrant and is not liable for the performance of any IAQA members you may choose to utilize. IAQA members set their own fees and policies. Members provide the information that is supplied in the directory. IAQA does not guarantee the accuracy of the information provided.

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